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A matter of Time

You must be wetting your pants with this article. I'm sick of this, just charge him with MURDER like they would do any other citizens and let 12 people decide if he is innocent. The only time the police responded that counts is the LAST time. The more they report the more I talk to other officers the more I'm convinced his actions were inappropriate.

Just Charge him with Murder!!! and get on with the trial. Oh and by the way lets give credit for where its due, they went to the house 32 times, which was there jobs and they got paid. My tax dollars appear to being spent in good measure for a good service. thanks for a job well done,

Since fat boy only responded once we can conclude that a pattern was set that the child did not have to be killed the other 32 times, But the,(I don't Have Time For This Cop), summed it all up in 70 seconds and killed the citizen who by the way was not a criminal or perpetrator but a mentally Ill young Man

MURDERER MURDERER!!! JUST CHARGE HIM AND PROVE ME WRONG , give him a trial, and prove me wrong.


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