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RE: Fact checking and responsible reporting.

I am appalled by the blatant lack of information in this report. The way that these "facts" have been presented make me question the integrity of the reporter, and thusly, WWAY for allowing such to be representative of their company.

To report the number of times that 911 has been called to the residence in seven years, but not disclose the nature of those calls is irresponsible at best. Perhaps this was intentional, to illicit a bias from your readers, perhaps not. If it wasn't intentional, then it is just lazy reporting. I say shame on you, and shame on anyone who would automatically assume wrongdoing without the "FACTS" of those particular instances.

To report on the arrest of the deceased's sister, which shows nothing of the character of the parties involved in this tragedy, is tasteless at best. Also, I will note that in doing my own investigating, I only uncovered a report showing that she was arrested for a probation violation. ( Also, I noted that you did not mention whether the sister lived in the same home as Vidal, or whether she was on the scene before or after this tragedy took place.

While my sources are surely limited, in comparison, perhaps it would be prudent for WWAY to refrain from publishing such vague "facts" and get to the meat of the story. Surely if you are alleging that the family has been a burden to Law Enforcement, EMS, 911 Dispatch, or the community, you will find the "Proof" to back up your allegations.


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