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Maybe this will get posted....

Hopefully WWAY lost my last response to this post and it wasn't censored. Let's hope that was the case but iv'e had a few not come through lately when it involved this piece of "history" from the late 1800's. Anyway, Liz is a moron. She wrote "BASICALLY, truth be told, if a hispanic, white, or black person are applying for the same job, WHO DO YOU THINK WILL GET THE POSITION?" Yeah, iv'e been there. If a minority who is just as qualified or even slightly less than a white canidate he/she will get the job , benifits, etc... in this politicaly correct world. Ever heard of affirmitave action Liz? "Truth be told" and all. I'm so sick of hearing about how whitey keeps you down. You keep using that crutch of the 1898 Race Riot ( which was a real event, in Wilmington, over 100 years ago, I concur). Get over it already. I have definately been subjected to the pains of holding the "PAST" over my head. I wasn't there, wasn't born, my family that I know wasn't born yet. Get over it. You got your memorial. Pretty soon when you feel all depressed you will be able to drive downtown and stare at it and maybe find some solice.


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