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Now A Child Free Restaurant Would Be The Ticket..

Seriously, I would pay 25% more for a meal to go to a restaurant and not hear children screaming the entire time. That and to not have some slobbering little biohazard at the next table picking his nose and or sneezing all over the place. The worst are the idiot parents who think boundaries are bad things and allow their kids to roam the restaurant. I'm not that old, I'm a Generation X-er, and I'm stunned at how the parenting styles have changed since the 80's. When mine and my friend's parents took us out to eat, we didn't leave the table unattended and sure as heck could not have been heard across the restaurant. Not every restaurant is supposed to be Chucky Cheese. Think about it restaurant owners. At least one child free night once per week or per month. I'd easily pay more for such a night.


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