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maybe it would be kind of

maybe it would be kind of you to offer to some of your relatives or neighbors who have small children, to babysit for them so that they as a couple might enjoy a night out alone?? Actually, they made the decision to have kids so they can pay for a top-notch sitter and not expect others to provide free services for them. The point was not whether my neighbors or relatives can have a child free night. The point was that restaurants should consider offering a child free night for their customers who chose not to have children and burden our neighbors and relatives with expectations of free childcare. The same goes for those who have children but aren't expecting others to provide free sitting services for them as they go out for a night as a couple. Did you and your spouse have those privileges? Thnk back about how wonderful it was to just be able to sit quitely at your own table, just the two of you, knowing that you children were securely in someone else's hand who chose to give up THEIR evening so you might have one of your own. I'm guessing you meant to write the word Think when you spelled it "Thnk?" Also, you probably meant quietly when you spelled it "quitely?" Again, you chose to have those kids so you can choose to purchase quality care for your children when you want to go out to eat and not expect your friends and neighbors to provide it for you. Also, your English could use a little updating-it's my friend's and my parents. Looks like there's a lot of that going around when considering your atrocious spelling. You should re-read your own posts before you criticize the posts of others. Maybe you should consider going back to Chuck E Cheese's to improve your grammar skills. I'll see you there when you're there working on your awful spelling. That is, I'll see you there if you can find a gullible friend or neighbor to guilt trip into covering your parental responsibilities for the evening.


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