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maybe it would be kind of

First, "free service" is also known as a "gift". I assume that you receive gifts on your birthday as well as other meaningful days during the year. Do you expect your loved ones or friends to give you their "free service"? I am assuming also that you had parents who gave birth to you OR adopted you, hence, you were also a noisy, burdensome child at some point in your life. I haven't heard in the last 40 years about a baby having come from the stork. Also, just so you know, English is/was a different subject in school than Spelling. Sorry about my lack of concern with regard to "spell check", and not going back to check my own post. Maybe you should report for duty to the Star News as a proof-reader, that would be enough to keep anyone busy. FYI- I am an honors college grad with a Master's in English Literature, and an undergrad in English. Maybe you should open up your own restaurant, where you and your friends could be happy all by yourselvs in your small little world. Better yet, why don't you get in touch with "smoke free" and you two could form a partnership for "The Perfect Restaurant for Perfect People". Your motto could be "if you have one, leave your heart at the door". I was not trying to make the point of offering babysitting for free so that the parents would save money, I simply was trying to make THE point of why not help to make someone's day a little brighter by offering them kindness. Have you ever been in a position to offer someone something or do you just receive what others give you? Do you ever place an offering into the Salvation Army buckets at Christmas, or do you feel that the people who are helped by that donation should be helping themselves? Do you participate in the "Toys for Tots" program? Or, because that goes to help children, you don't feel the need, because after all, those "kids" may end up being out on the town with their parents one night and happen to end up in the same restaurant as you, playing with their new toy. Incidentally, I have a 25 year old son who is a Real Estate Magnate, so do not talk to me about "covering my parental responsibilities". He is a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen, a homeowner, a newlywed, he volunteers with children, he is a kind human being, and an all around great person. While he was in college and working a part-time retail job, he helped two gentlemen who came into his place of business. Both men were deaf, and my son helped them by doing sign language with them. Sign language that he learned as a small child. That offering of "GIVING FREE SERVICE" was so appreciated by those two men. Maybe you could take some lessons from him. After all, we are never too old to learn. Why just a couple of years ago, there was a gentleman who received his college degree at age 87. He was still someone's child even though he was 87, so I would bet that his parents, had they still been around, would have been happy they "covered their parental responsibilities". I certainly hope you are not a parent, or a grandparent, an aunt/uncle, or godparent as you have a very sad and sorry opinion about children. I also hope that you don't volunteer at your church to help in the nursery or Children's Depts. because little children understand much more than we when they are not loved or wanted. I bet you are glad you are no longer one yourself, huh? I am sure I will know you when I see you in the restaurants around town because you are sure to be the one with the acrimonious and invidious look on your face. Cheers!


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