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Love it

Everyone, should smoke that way we can save social security, we can save the farming industry, we want care if we fry from global warming and the honey bees can all disapear. Blah, Blah, Blah, You non-smokers win, we all quite uh oh whats next, cell phones, bathroom products, orange juice, bacon, ive got it we should have meat free restaurants, that way we can hear all the horrible things that are associated with that. Lets not fool ourselves the poinenty of all of this is masking as supperior infringement of the non-smoking click of social reform. if left to no conclusion the argument will be endless and pronounced, but yet still arrogant in its exspression. For all of its BS you will win because your conviction for superiority will only exspedite the end. and what to be left of you beyond that will be your own making and any damage to the lesser of the outcome. Hold not beyond the edge of daylight and see till morning is un accomplishable, but simply wait and the sun will rise. Hope is here we will stop anyone who smokes all rights equivilent to thee for you are small in my image. So stand tall, you get to stare across the room at clones, while you dine. All will match my vision of tolerence to your vision of perfection.


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