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Non-smoking restaurants.

First, the restaurants in CA and other states didn't go under - patronage actually went up. I refused to go back to Salt WorksII until they banned smoking. The place wreaked of smoke even while people weren't there smoking. Also. Those smokers who think it is their right to smoke even if it bothers others - would they mind if I sat there and sprayed my Lysol around the room. I like the smell of it while I eat. The same people wouldn't like a cigar, they say it stinks... hummm... It was NC legislatures in the heay tobacco areas that voted against the ban and they take money from the tobacco industry. Surprise there? Why are govt buildings are off limits to smoking? They don't like the smell. Well eating in the smell is worse. How about for the restaurant workers that work there 8 hours a day or more? What about their health? Is a smoker so addicted that they can't wait 15 mintues until after they eat to smoke outside? it is selfish to say, I will pollute the entire restaurant because I want to smoke.


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