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non smoke and unruly kids

These are interesting comments, Smoking: sorry but the wall made of lattice or 'distance' doesn't keep smoke in the smoking area. It is as silly as a non-peeing section in the swimming pool. Kids: kids are welcome, however, just like an adult, if they misbehave the manager should ask them to leave. If each manager would do this, eventually the parent will either (a) not have a place to go (b) train the kids to behave. I overheard one lady rudely excuse the kids behavior by saying to the waitress 'I can't control her so what am I to do?". Well surprise .. if you can't control them at 3 and 4, what are you going to do when they are 14. I have heard of restaurants that don't allow kids. Word was, that the kids poured gravy into the expensive antique lanterns. Also, if you look it up. Disney (of all places) has an adult only section on their island cruise around Bahamas. It isn't the kid's fault, it is the parents for not teaching them how to behave and act in public. I wouldn't ban the kids, I would however ask the parents to calm their children and if it didn't work, ask them to politely leave.


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