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If the Officers at the Burgaw Police Department would go back to policing the community instead of working traffic and acting like "wanna be" State Troopers, this probably would not have been an issue. The cops in Burgaw are too busy sitting outside the bars at closing time trying to catch drunk drivers. Check it out. They think the more tickets they write will pad their resume and will able them to get a job with the State. If you don't believe, sit there and watch every day and night you will see at least 3 Burgaw police cars and at least 4 State troopers at the corner of Hwy 117 and 53 there and stopping anything that moves. They are "fishing" and drum up charges for ie, failing to sign a registration card, failing to carry your drivers license ect. Ask any ADA or Defense Lawyer. Its public records. That would be a good story to look into.


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