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All of the people responding

All of the people responding to these comments are the worthless people that live in the projects of Burgaw. I live there and I heard the noise and I saw what the people were doing to the officers. The officers asked several times for people to leave and they did not. If it was as harmless as you are saying it was then why were several differnt officers dispatched there. If you idiots would just act like human beings and not crazy animals this would not happen. I am so tired of hearing people complain that the poice are bad. No one wants to take responsibility for what they do wrong. It is the cops jobs to try and catch people doing things that are wrong. If you are dumb enough to leave a bar drunk and get behind the wheel of a car you should be arrested. That way I do not have to worry about your dumb A$$ getting behind the wheel of a car and killing one of my loved ones or someone else.


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