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I was in the crowd

The story is all wrong.
The crowd was gathered for some reason or another. I don't really know the reason behind the gathering but I do know that for. My buddy and I were sitting on my back porch. (Of my house for all you assuming the entire area is a housing development.) When the police came the crowd moved off the road into the grass. At this time there were only two cars. Then another arrived. We figured they were worried about the crowd. No arrests were made. The police began shouting orders for the crowd to disperse. (As a American I am kinda peeved by public servants ordering law biding citizens around.) The crowd began to move down the road a large portion having returned to the apartments. The police followed the now smaller crowd down the street.
Now at this time my friend and I were concerned so we walked out through my back yard into the nursery. At this time a few of the younger members of the crowd were asking loudly "Why are you still bothering us?" "We are not breaking any laws." One even claimed that they were just hanging out (Which is common around this area and never seemed to be an issue in our peaceful neighborhood.) One of the girls that had made a comment began to dance as she walked twirling. She was more at the back of the crowd and close to a officer. He came out of nowhere and tackled her nearly into a ditch. Like a football player. No need for so much force to be used never the less she was non violent and expressing her freedom of speech. (Later members of the crowd spread that she had been tasered though I only saw one officer with taser drawn.
At this time one young man (Well under the age of 18) started throwing rocks. Note: ONE YOUNG MAN. He was on a bike. Then the plain dressed officer and another apprehended a tall young man that was off in the close to the asphalt forcing his face down into the dirt and digging his knee into his back right near me. At this time I saw that the police were panicking. They'd arrested someone now for assault that did nothing but watch and tackled a girl that had health issues. Once again neither of them were breaking any laws. The crowd still just steady called out to the police for them to release the young man and quite a few of them cursed the officers but they seem to have turned it into the neighborhood of doom. No. This is a trash story that was blown up by the ones that wanted their fifteen minutes of fame.
Yes the police over reacted. The girl that was tackled should sue. I hope she does. I hope that a few of those officers lose their jobs. They speed through my little half a block road with my kids playing in the yard while talking on cell phones anyways.
Oh and for all of you hating on the low income families. Don't judge. May be you begging one day says the guy that pays his taxes.


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