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You Want Police Protection...Act Responsibly

What do the people want the police to do when you call them in your area or trying to keep your streets safe? Maybe the lady that was subdued was mentally handicapped or had a physical disability but how were the police to know this? All they see are people screaming at them, throwing rocks, swinging baseball bats when the police are trying get things under control. And even if someone hollers to the police subduing the lady that she is physically handicapped how are the LAW OFFICERS to know it isn't just another ploy since as I said with everyone screaming at them or throwing things? If the lady has a physical problem why would she put herself in a situation of over-excitement such as this? To me the only thing that is going to get things under control in communities are for the people that live in them to cooperate with the law, not go running out in the streets so they can gang up and scream "police brutality." Then and only then can things maybe start coming under control. Otherwise, get ready folks cause the way things are going now it is going to be where the police are not going to be able to come in when you call or trying to keep your streets safe. The criminal element are taking over your neighborhoods and YOU won't be able to step outside your front door without fear of being shot, robbed, run over or some other lawless behavior. The criminal element know how to work you and it is very apparent that it is working. How different this would have gone down had everyone, including the handicapped lady, just have minded their own business and not congregated on the police. I for one am not going to run out in the street if the law comes in my neighborhood. I'll just let them do their job as I want their protection. The alternative isn't to swift!


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