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Sick and tired!

Look, in a nutshell the public at large is sick of it and fed up. 18 yo wannabe thug gang member killed by another wannabe gangbanger. A rap sheet as long as my arm. Doesn't work or pay taxes. 18 years old and has fathered 2 children with another on the way?? Now we the taxpaying public will be forced to pay for their every need until they're grown, along with their sorry excuse for a mother.
Yet certain people want us to have sympathy and can't understand the negative remarks?? Get a clue I say! Your kid, baby's daddy, bro, whatever.. is the lowest form of US citizen and we've enabled them for far too long. Oh yes...the pain is coming! I can feel it..myself and most I know are sick and tired of the bs.

Our government (local, state, fed) needs to make some serious hard decisions regarding these generational parasites. It's not fair to everybody else that tries to do the right thing and pays taxes in this country.

I say take the children, put in a state run orphanage and forbid the parents from ever getting any type of public assistance ever again. Hey it's one thing to make a bad choice and end up in a single-parent situation but these horrid cows having child after child but multiple men and living the rest of their pathetic lives on the public dole needs to stop yesterday.


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