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Just be a good person

Yes it is very true that a Mother lost a son and A Child lost a father, etc. But where was the Parents when this CHILD was 14 and out "Gangbanging" and having CHILDREN. This young adult put himself in the situation to be murdered by his "Pals". It's a sad tragedy that ultimately comes down to how the youth are raised. Did you see the video on the news last week of the BABY that was being cussed at and degraded? This baby was laughing and playing about it because he was being giving positive attention for the negative actions. They were teaching the child that negativity is good. Therefor this child is not learning positive morals or values and that could follow him for the rest of his life no matter what else he is taught because his foundation of learning morals and goodness have been tainted. Now this goes on in many, many families across the nation and world. Children running around all hours of night with gangs,Parents running around with children in gangs, parents selling and doing drugs in front of children. There is no such thing as "Do as i say, not as i do." because that is not how people learn. They learn from watching thier parents and families actions. This is not just a problem with one race but all. It just seems to be more prevailant in the low income and black communities, where more and more children are raising children and parents are not teaching the kids right from wrong. Now i have no idea how this family raised this child but it seems he followed the road of many before him that may not of had the positive support from his parents that would have helped him be a good person.
After all this I was raised in a low income housing project in downtown Wilmington by a single mother.We lived off well fare and foodstamps for a while . She worked 12 hrs a day and we often had no food or money for anything nice. She raised us well and taught us that good outways the bad everytime! Its been a long time since then and now I do not worry about going without having food and clothing for my children or how i will pay my bills. My sisters and I have taking our experances and what we have been taught and made a better life for ourselves. IT CAN BE DONE or you can sit around make excuses and sell drugs. While you watch your sons being killed in the streets just think, Could you as a parent, friend, or family have done more???? Just be a good person and treat each other with kindness and respect. Is it that hard?


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