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So for the ignorant comments

So for the ignorant comments . My child did not deserve to lose her father . No matter what he was doing every deserve chances . Yes I was in the streets and no he wasn't perfect but there is something in life called CHANGE . I'm pretty sure when y'all children gets older they are not going to be perfect either . And no this isn't a racist comment but now a days we People and I'm saying blacks have to fight . You would think after all these years people would change. Everyone needs help and someone to talk to . I am a 20 year old mother that has his daughter that is 2 years old. And she will NEVER know who her father was all because he needed help and someone to help his mom out . Which he been doing all his life, she ment the world to him and he did anything to make sure they have . Police officers suppose to be here to help but instead making racist comments and talking About all the negativity he done . He was not a heartless or uncaring person but y'all are for not understanding why we feel the way we do. Everything he did was NOT right but that's why people need to learn how to love, help, and protect. I'm sure mist if y'all commenting wasn't perfect a young kids either but I guess since most of y'all have rich parents and are so "PERFECT" it makes you all better then us and Raequan. And yes he had he first child at a young age but he was there for him . I'm sure that Quan wouldn't hurt a freaking fly but that's what y'all are thinking right because he's a young black man . They are all type of different colors in this world that are in a gang. Black, white, Hispanic but why EVERY TIME the black die he was the worse thing in this world but when the white die the comments will be that they were " because they didn't have anyone" or plenty other excuses . Two children lost there father, a mother lost all she had left , two baby mothers lost there bestfriend, and grandma and grandpa lost there grandson, a father lost there twin, the aunt and uncles lost there newhew , and his siblings lost their youngest brother. Well answer these questions . Why isn't anyone saying thing About all these young girls on the street saling there bodies? Why isn't anyone doing much about all these older guys raping all these young girls? ( which most of the men are white) . Why isn't no one trying to come together and make a change ? Because no matter what color of our skin we are all humans. And no matter what anyone say no ones perfect . It hurt so bad seeing these negative comments about Raequan because he was the most loving person anyone could ever meet. He just needed help. It doesn't help when every time he went walking a cob decided to stop him just because he LOOKS suspicious . It didn't help when he try to get a job but get turnt down because the way he talk . And it don't help the ones out on the streets now when they see these ignorant comments y'all grown people are making about a young man that y'all didn't know ANYTHING about . All y'all know it was the media and news are telling y'all. But I bet if any of y'all would have met Raequan D. Rouse he would have put a smile on your face by saying something so sweet. Even if he didn't know you. So News people . How about saying something positive instead of something negative . When you have no idea about him. Say what you want but Raequan was the toughest, smartest , and funniest person I ever met in my life.


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