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Really disappointed in the human race.

As I read these comments from bloggers directed to the family I am absolutely disgusted. I didn't know Quan nor do I know his siblings or mothers of his children. But I do sympathize with them in their time of grief. It does not matter at the end of the day what his troubles may have been, he was still somebody's loved one. I have family that I don't agree with their choices, lifestyle & beliefs. But that's still family and I love my family unconditionally. Breaking laws, rules or just simply not living the life someone else would choose to live does not stop a person from loving their family. All I see here are people posting attacks towards his family members. Why? Because you are too cold hearted to simply understand a grieving family doesn't want to hear you talk down about their loved one??? Regardless of what he's done NO ONE HERE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE. Furthermore crimes he may or may not have committed WERE HIS CRIMES NOT HIS FAMILIES!!! Then to further show how cold hearted you are and your ignorance, you are attacking his child's mother & his sister about their grammar in their post, education as well as job status. Please, really do tell what exactly that has to do with them expressing feelings about negative remarks some of you made about their loved one. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Had this been your family member gunned down for whatever reason, right or wrong, you would feel the same. Smh(Shaking my head) at these comments and their authors. Some of you people need to pick up a Bible and read it from cover to cover. Jesus said those who are without sin cast the first stone. I'm surprised a rain storm of boulders hasn't come down on you. You must be atheist and in the event that you are it's ok. I will not stoop to your levels and attack you. But what I will do is pray for all of you.


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