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dummycrats had control for

dummycrats had control for over 112 years and you want McCroy to fix it in less than a year?? he cut out owing the gub mint[feds] for extended unemployment benefits and guess what?? the jobless rate went down in N.C. you can check it out for yourselves, unless you refuse to listen to common sense! i guess the freeloaders or loafers finally went and got a job being McCroy made them get off their butts and off the taxpayer dole and get to work like everybody else is that is paying taxes from their job!where are all the shovel ready jobs that Oblamo promised?? shovel ready alright, shoveling the B.S. blame repubs because people have to account and depend on themselves and not depend on gub mint to keep them on their democrat auto voter roll!!!!!! i understand that people need help , but at some point they need to get up and find something to do, there are jobs , might not be what they want , too proud i guess to do something like dig a ditch , or stock shelves, fast food, but who needs them when there is Uncle Sam!! right? but pride dont pay the bills anyway, hard work does.


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