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Sad.......but Pat doesn't care.


I hate to bust your bubble, but the food stamp issue is dead on arrival. Pat doesn't care about the poor.....they are just bottom feeders.

This is the Governor you voted for.

Pat cut unemployment, but gave cabinet members a $13K year raise. Not logical.

Pat refused to expand Medicaid that would have helped 300,000 North Carolinians.

Pat refused to set up state exchange allowing other insurance companies to compete and drive the cost know "Capitalism"? This helped Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC to have no real competition and guess what? BCBS raised rates. BCBS was also a huge donor to all the freshmen GOP reps elected in and the Governor.

The new tax laws are an abomination. They cut the "tax Free" weekend for school supplies? Are you kidding me?

They also raised taxes when purchasing mobile homes by $300 bucks. Do rich people buy mobile homes? NO....the middle class and poor do.

Did they cut the gas tax? Nope.

This legislature voted in on fear of gay marriage, and fear of the Muslim in the white house without a birth certificate played right into their hands.

Just expect more of the same going forward unless a balance can be made in the mid terms.

Don't be fooled....Pat is doing everything Art Pope and the Koch brothers want. Just another puppet.


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