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Nice rant but doesn't make a lot of sense.
Sect 8 is a huge program using mostly federal funds correct? So what does the state have to do with it? Locally we have seen what inspections have resulted in - NOTHING !!! WHA believes that Houston Moore and Creekwood were well maintained and their surprise inspections have resulted in ZERO evictions.
I agree with your outlook on curfews etc........
As for jobs where are they? Even you would have to admit that both Obama and McCrory have the same unemployment dilemma - the drop in numbers was mainly caused by people dropping off unemployment not by job creations - so again where do these baby making, sect 8 housing grabbing, uneducated food stamp recipients finds jobs? I could quote UI numbers for you but you know darned well there are still not enough jobs out there.
McCroy is dealing with what the DEMS left, no doubt, but the buck stops at his desk as soon as he occupies the seat - especially with a lock on both houses of the state legislature - the same way it stopped with Smiley - at her desk.
At least you recognize that state buildings were unattractive during Smiley's administration too and Smirky has appointed idiots to plum state jobs the exact same way Smiley and other DEMs did.
As I said there's only a two letter difference between the two of them.



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