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I sit and read some of these comments and I swear, it makes me ashamed that I'm part of the human race.
All this bickering and arguing from ADULTS..Grow up and have some damn respect for your fellow human being, for the love of God!!

There is absolutely no sense acting like this.

No, we aren't used to snow..Get the heck over it.
If you are unhappy with your move to the south and our *southern hospitality* then remedy the situation and go home.

It's simple...stop bitching about our way of life and accept it...You CHOSE to move down here. Do things our way or don't..but whining about it isn't going to help matters.

If we can't even get along now over a simple discussion about the weather I hate to see how it will be when it's something serious.

Pick and Choose your battles...This my friends, shouldn't be one.

Have a great safe and enjoy yourselves.


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