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To all the people saying we

To all the people saying we over react.
Up north they rarely have to drive on roads that are actually covered in ice or snow... It's usually plowed and salted properly. No one wants to invest the money in snow plows here, no business wants to stock hundreds of pallets of salt... Why? It's because that sort of business would fail here! It's cheaper just to close the schools and government offices once or twice every 10 years when it snows.

If you think "Southerners over react to snow", think about this; here in NC we have mountainous regions who do JUST fine with snow... LOTS OF SNOW... because it is typical in their environment. They are about as southern as you can get, so it's not just a southern thing.

If you think we should "be more prepared", why don't you go take out a business loan and start a snow plow business down here, at the beach... I'm sure it'll be very profitable for you. LOL
Hopefully you can make enough in 4 or 5 days every decade to pay for all that equipment before it rusts in the salt air...

Maybe the northerners should send teams of people down here to help if it gets too bad.... you know... the ones that have the right equipment.
That's what we do here in the South. We don't just point our fingers and say "you should have been prepared", we go help our brother out.


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