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I am tired of the Northerners complaining!

I am appalled by how my fellow "Northerners" are acting (I don't even want to be associated with them)! I moved to Southport/Oak Island from VA to get away from all the jerks that live up in the Northern States, up there its all about keeping up with the Jones' and how much you are worth, its sickening! I will admit that I joked around about how they closed the schools and such, it is new to me to have businesses and schools closed at a moments notice but I completely understand why they did it and I am actually glad that they took the precautions! What the Northerners don't realize is that you all are not equipped to deal with snow or ice!! When my husband and I moved here almost 4 years ago we left our Northern VA attitude at the VA line and completely engulfed the NC lifestyle. Instead of whining about how "crazy or dumb" the Southern folks are, why don't you try shutting your mouth and giving them advice on how to handle what is coming at us! I am sure the ones that are making fun of the Southern folks are the ones that run out of dodge when its hurricane season! Get your head out of your butts and stop with the "Yankee" attitude please, you make all of us transplants look bad. If you want to complain go back up North and leave us alone, I for one am proud to be able to say that I am now a Southerner!


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