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Obnoxious Northerners...

I'm a Northern transplant and love my Southern home, neighbors and friends. They are kind, decent, hard working people. It is the obnoxious northerners (and reading many of these posts, they are the minority here) who know not of what they speak and are pretentious, elitist snobs.

In the South, we have gone through many hurricanes (Cat 1-3) and we know how to prepare to take care of our loved ones and homes. We don't go crying to the Feds to help us because we are so traumatized by the effects of a storm. We put our noses to the grindstone, roll up our sleeves, clean up and make repairs. In addition, many of my Southern friends go out and help others who need some assistance. Neighbors helping neighbors.

It's the Southern Way. And you know, even when you try to insult them, chances are that if you were in need (say, after a storm), they would still choose to help you.

Southern Christians. It's their way and I love them.

And, if you believe that Southerners are stupid and dumb, I have to ask why you CHOSE to live amongst us.

Because given of your low opinion of Southerners and by virtue of your choice, YOU are the dumb ones!


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