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Life does have Value

Parents, where are you? There is truly a better life. It does not matter where you came from.. What matters is WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Take your CHILDREN BACK FROM the STREETS. Dont wait for a program to come around or to blame someone else.SOMEONE raised you. Raise your children, teach them right from wrong, instill values and morals in them, tell them about GOD, spend time with them, take them to the library, movies, museums, natural trails and the list goes on. Stop buying expensive material things for them that you cant afford. Hell, I work and I cant afford to buy them for my children. And if your child has gone a stray and has gotten in trouble, PLEASE report your child to the police. If your child is involved in illegal activities PLEASE do yourself and your child a favor and report them. Because NO PARENT WANTS TO BURY THEIR CHILD(REN). Stop taking money from your children when you know that they did not earn legally. Stop having LAZY A$$ BOYS not MEN or LAZY A$$ GIRLS not WOMAN if you are lesbians. Beacuse MEN and WOMEN have LEGAL jobs. It is so sad to see so many young children dying and in trouble.


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