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going to fast

I believe the ones going under the speed limit is the ones they need to looking at. A normal driver on I40 going 80-85 is not any where near dangerous to me than someone wanting to do 55-60 on I 40 and there is alot of under the speed limit drivers out there. Heck a driver doing under the limit on 40 has a greater chance of causing a accident that one speeding.. Every one knows that when you are cruising along interstate in what appears to be a car pile up and all of a sudden the car in front of you slams the breaks b/c they just got behind someone doing 55-60.. It causes people to swerve, slam the breaks..I will admit that speeders to do alot of damage to others vehicles and people in intersections, but all the accidents I have ever known that was b/c of speeding was damage or death to the one who is speeding..Now look at the other part someone under speed limit of interstate car slams breaks car behind swerves flips into traffic who is that hurting. Not the driver that was under speed limit but everyone else.. As for the speeders that swerve into and out traffic (I personnall don't do it I have a infant that I have to think about) but I do believe that they need to be stopped, speeding or not you can be doing the speed limit and cause serious injuries driving careless..


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