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Of course you think it's a good idea

You want your employer to pay you for staying home and taking care of a newborn. That's not why corporations are in business, however. They're not social service agencies or charity outlets. The law allows for un-paid FMLA, and that's fine: You should be able to take a limited time off without fear of losing your job. You already "get paid" to have a child. Your income tax drops. Accordingly, you can adjust your W9, reduce your withholding, and increase your after-tax net every payday. Depending on your income, the government may actually pay you a bonus via EIC....even advanced EIC, if you qualify. Having a child is a personal decision. Don't expect your employer (or the government) to reward you for having a child. If we had a truly fair tax system, you wouldn't get a tax break for having a child and I wouldn't be able to write off my home mortgage interest. If you want a paycheck, keep working. That's how I get mine. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and SOMEBODY has to come up with the money to pay for Comrade Edwards' latest give-away. Should other people pay you to have a child?


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