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When were you last in Europe?

I'd suggest that you take some time to visit Europe again, because you'll be undoubtedly upset when you discover that every nation is cutting back on their Socialist giveaways. Right now, France is gripped in the midst of a transportation nightmare as their president attempts to re-vamp overly generous retirement systems that are bankrupting the country. Sweden has has cut back on direct aid to its citizens. The Netherlands has severely restricted non-EU immigration, in-part because they cannot afford to pay social benefits to everyone who wanders into the country. Meanwhile, eighty-percent of all colo-rectal cancers progress to untreatable/terminal in the UK, while people wait for National Healthcare to schedule them for treatment. What you fail to grasp is that the basic, underlying theory of Socialism is fatally flawed. It can't work. The wealthy stop investing because the government simply takes away their gains, and the poor stop trying to break out of poverty because the government is coddling them. The whole system breaks down. Socialism will inevitably lead to national bankruptcy. In closing, let me assure you that wanting to keep your own money is not greed: Wanting to take other people's money is the true definition of greed, as it is not yours to take.


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