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Well let's see.. my hourly

Well let's see.. my hourly wage has been the same for 10 years, groceries have risen 70% in that time, "Sin taxes" have raised prices for cigarettes, beer and alcohol, everything else has risen as well. Is it no wonder people find themselves living paycheck to paycheck? What stockpiles I had in the chest freezer were long ago used up and the meager savings I had are long gone. Then "Obamacare" jacks my healthcare bill from 100/month to 500.. (I ditched it and hope I just die rather than a traumatic event)... also had to ditch my 401K withdrawals. Nice to know there are people that can still get by but I'm not one!

BUT Kudos to Lowes Foods.. I'm there almost every day and they know me well and smile and talk; I prefer that to being there once in a while and a faceless customer ;)


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