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Since you decide to go on

Since you decide to go on the offensive I'll reply. A lot of people left my former employer from frustration in not getting raises in any timely manner; I didn't in the 6+ Years I was there. My current employer hired me at that same wage; hopefully it will rise soon but my personality is not one to make waves in the workplace.

I go to the grocery store daily for a few reasons, I wouldn't call it lack of planning; do you plan your meals every day for your pay period and then buy accordingly? I prefer to go and see what catches my eye that day or sounds good based on my mood. A point also for those living paycheck to paycheck is if I spend X percent of my pay on groceries on payday and then a minor emergency comes up the money isn't there to handle it.. my way it is and I have to buy Ramen noodles or whatever BUT the toilet got fixed or whatever. That's a form of planning I'd think?


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