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Internet access

This has got to be the most ridiculous thing EVER !!! Access to the internet and personal computers is a privilege NOT a right. US NORMAL people work and pay for our computers just like we work to buy our TV's, stereos, cars, homes..... whats next?? Everyone gets a free TV ,car and stereo because the free housing is already there for them. City Councilman Earl Sheridan YOU NEED to worry about the other (MUCH larger) group of voting people in Wilmington, this idea frankly stinks. Do you think the people with their new PC's will look for employment or education online? NO they will more likely be looking for porn and PC games to bide their time while they collect their checks from the government or the PC will be pawned for cash. I seriously HOPE PC's will not be handed out in this humanitarian act of yours. FREE internet access is already available to everyone at the library. Children have it at school.


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