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Vog, we've been here before.

For starters Vog, I don't believe for a minute that our forefathers thought that we would ever have a substantial population of lazy, chemical dependent families that are entirely incapable of paying for their food, their housing or otherwise be able to provide anything for the families that knew they couldn't afford when they had them.

I know you know the difference but I'll shed a little light for clarity here. I have to qualify in certain areas to be able to get my job and keep my job. That means education, drug screening (both inital and random), skill qualification, on the job performance, behavior and attendance just to mention a few. So what's wrong with requiring one simple qualification that I've had to conform to for years? A simple, random drug test. You either pee straight or you don't, you don't you lose benefits. Just like me and my job. It has been ruled that employer drug testing doesn not violate any 4th ammendment rights. But your thinking says it violates the 4th ammendment rights of welfare recipients? I disagree. It is a simple condition of receiving the benefits. The very same condition I have to meet to get the paycheck I actually work for. If one has enough money to buy drugs, he should be able to pay his own rent, buy his own food and support his own family!

Your thinking is extremely abstract. Our dear Veterans are getting VA benefits earned through brave service to our country and our freedom, not by sponging off taxpayers and being fully incapable. Those that apply for purchase permits and CCP's CANNOT be guilty of ANY drug convictions or DWI convictions (3 yrs old)...period. Any drug conviction, felony conviction or DWI conviction gets your CCP pulled immediately, no questions asked.

This isn't a "slippery slope" and I'm as big on our rights as anyone. The point is that the majority of crime in the projects, by far, is drug related. There is a high demand for drugs there or it wouldn't be prevalent and no market would exist. No market, no money! No money, no crime and the gangs would disappear and go to Landfall. This isn't rocket science here.

I have to be drug tested to "qualify" and earn the money to pay the welfare recipients way, the welfare recipient should be held accountable to "qualify" that they are drug free to receive it. I don't see any slippery slope with regards to the great constitution of the United States of America. The only "slippery slope" I see is the words of that document being used out of context in the convenience of supporting particularly mephitic situations as suitable. I call it "legal-eze" or "legal wrangling".


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