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You forget that he 2nd amendment is to prevent GOVERNMENT intrusion. Your employer has every right to make you pee straight. Most employers now mandate a drug test for every work place injury - if your pee ain't straight then they won't pay comp. This is a burden to employers which is why they ARE allowed to do so.
Do I favor drug testing for hosing assistance - which REQUIRES income? Sure, but my desires are trumped by case law history which says a blatant drug screening is illegal and in the cases of Florida and Il(?) showed that they were not cost effective.
Then of course we have our own illustrious WHA. They recently inspected Houston Moore for units that were unclean, for housing residents that weren't officially listed as being residents. What did they find? Nothing. In fact they said there were no violations found.
Now this happens. Shots fired from the street into a housing unit? Who says it was a resident that did the shooting? I'd be glad if it was - then we could throw them out.
Are all residents lazy and chemical dependent? I doubt it. Are their kids lazy and chemical dependent? Now that's a real possibility and I firmly believe we should (and have) instituted curfews. As stated on other blogs we should also have security camera's monitoring outside and photographing license plates along with increased security patrols.
But mandatory drug screening? Sorry but far too many judges have ruled on this already.....



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