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Too Seriouly

While it may be a bit dramatic to state that your soul is hurt, who is anyone else to say that it isn't so, or oughtn't be expressed? I find it cowardly to criticize others in anonymity. As far as taking things too seriously, when people within our community lose their jobs, are dehumanized and marginalized by those who were smiling at our sides only days earlier...Come on, say it with me... you are wrong. It is a very serious matter, indeed. It is precisely the point of the teach us about ourselves and each other. It is the very serious nature of these events and fundamental differences in purpose that culminated in my resignation from The Thalian Association Board of Directors.
To those who are belittled or coerced: Your feelings are your own. No one has the right to say you shouldn't feel as you do, nor should they. Go right on. Say it as you mean it. Because we are the Community Theatre of North Carolina!!!
We are Thalian Association Community Theatre: Where Everybody Belongs!!!


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