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Oh please stop!

The illegals chose to be just that. I didn't nor did anyone I know make that choice for them. It is Illegal for people of foreign countries to cross into this country and not obey the entry rules. .To make that choice doesn't mean that once caught that they become instant citizens of this country and receive the reward of being a law abiding individual.
After being caught at their crime, one wonders why anyone is trying to protect them. Their country that they ran from is their country. Not mine. I didn't go to war or join the military to put my life on the line for illegals. Nor did I work to pay for illegals.Simply send them back to their country of origin.
If compassion is something one wants then get off your butts and start having some for Americans without jobs, without homes, etc. Yet you cry over the very ones who have brought crime, death,and wanting free social give benefits. God help you for being so stupit.
What we save on food pickers will be off set by the amount of illegals and the many problems they bring with them.
And, as far as their problems in not collecting tax monies, that is their choice again. Maybe when they see that real Americans are fed up with the leftest bleeding hearts they will stay at home.. not mine.. You don't like it? Go south then and camp out with the riffraff from Mexico.


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