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Illegal Immigrant Loophole

"Opposition groups argued illegal immigrants need to be able to drive so they can keep jobs that legal citizens don't want to do, like in farming and construction". The above statement in the original news report is so lame, who ever made that statement should take a look at the unemployement rate in North Carolina. My husband works construction and the illegal immigrants are taking over the jobs, because subcontractors are hiring them over American citizens. The majority of SUBCONTRACTORS pay them less than American workers that USE TO DO THE JOBS. They do work, but it is not quality work. You can't hang, tape and put the final coat of mud on sheet rock in one day and expect it to be a quality job. For the cost of housing in this area, buyers sure are not getting what they are paying for. It all boils down to the majority of subcontractors putting more profit into their pockets, when hiring illegals. There is something wrong with this practice of American citizens having to compete with ILLEGALS for jobs. We need more people like Rep. Carolyn Justice in office. Remember at first they only did the farming jobs, now it is the construction jobs, is your job next?????


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