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It is my business

When my taxes pay for these roads, IT IS MY BUSINESS. And I don't think they should be able to wear-n-tear on the roads without me wanting them there. When they put my family at risk, IT IS MY BUSINESS. When they break laws put in place to keep all peopel safe, they should not be on our roads. And if you think they should then you are a blithering idiot, go find your village and stay there! And just for your information, Mexico and other countries south of the border DO NOT let just anybody drive there. You cannot get a liscense in Mexico unless you are a citizen there. Kinda smart I think. Wish the American people and politicians would wake up to this bright idea. Just for the record, I think you should be able to execute illegals caught causing a death in a DWI accident. Not slap them on the hand and send them back to Mexico or wherever to come back and do it again.


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