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You win the award...

....for most uninformed and ignorant post of the year. First. they can drive here legally.....**IF** they come here legally. People visiting the United States can legally drive in the United States if they have obtained an International Driver's Permit in their home country before coming here, have a valid license from their nation of residence,and have a valid visa or legal right to be here. How do you think visiting tourists can rent a car and tour our National Parks, or go to Disney World? How do you think LEGAL migrant farm workers can drive trucks laden with produce in California's Imperial Valley? Second, I assure you that if you somehow sneak into France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, or anywhere else, you will NOT be issued a driver's license until they see your immigration documentation - exactly HOW did you get in the country? Have you ever been overseas, or driven in a foreign country? I'm sorry if we're offending the sensibilities of illegal aliens and the "saps-n-suckers Americans" who think we should have totally open, uncontrolled borders, but if non-citizens want to drive in the United States, the first requirement is that they come here legally.


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