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Uhhhh I am astonish

Which one of the Italians your are talking about, the one that practices the famous Roman Orgy's? or the ones that served as Romans soldiers? or the one that participated in the Catholic inquisition? or the White-European German Nazi's? or the two Europeans nations where the 2 WW started? ooh sorry I'll prefer to be an Ibero-Indian but by the way my ancestor are from Germany, I speak English, Spanish, Italian and will like to learn some more languages. I think when you get to know other cultures gives you an opportunity to get to reach more people, diversity and be a little be more happy than people living anguish just to think that somebody is different. Some of your reply are base on just stupid words that mean nothing to people with culture, so from the outside world and even for people living in our state and other parts of the country I'll repeat that again you look like ignorant, prejudice, empty. Even more sad is the fact that some of you called yourself "Christians". And by the way this message is only directed to whoever qualified as an ignorant, so difference of opinion does not make you an ignorant. So I'm fine with those who disagree but are informed, educated and open minded.


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