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Sometimes I am so embaressed by what my fellow Americans say. You should feel blessed that you were born in a country where you don't have to want to go to another. We are all so closed minded to not see that God gave everyone on earth the ability to dream and want more in there life, to study, to have a family, to own a home or business, to compete in world sporting events and so on. But only very few were born to a nation where that is theirs for the taking, I can assure you that most illegal's have tried coming in leagelly first, but have been denied for what ever reason, they don't make enough money, they don't own a home, etc. etc. etc. I don't believe the borders should be open I understand the need for limits, but I believe the requirement for entry should be a little less strict. Face it if YOU were the one born in one of those contries and watching your family starve because you make $80 per MONTH, and your baby is dying because you can't buy her medicine, and you wanted more, and you had half a bit of the drive some of these people do, you would be jumping the border in Mexico and finding your way onto a boat in Haiti too. Think about it all of you and grow up. And count your blessings that you are not in their shoes.


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