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I agree and disagree

I am glad someone did something to show that illegal is ILLEGAL and they should not have the same rights as legal citizens BUT, they are going to drive anyway and with NO license comes NO insurance (most have none now). I know several people who have been in accidents with them and NONE of than had insurance. How were they allowed to get a license WITHOUT insurance in the first place. WE all have to prove that we are insured before we get our licensees. I really don't care if they drive BUT why isn't someone worrying about the uninsured illegal alien problem??? Another thing is HOW do they get tags on the cars with NO insurance???? We can not even cancel our auto policy until we prove we have another to replace it. I say we have a right to sue the state that issues a drivers license to someone who has no insurance if they cause an accident !! Apparently being illegal has it perks here. I was not born here either, I became a citizen legally and I pay out the nose for all the things these people are getting away with not having.


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