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To Happy

It is people like you that is ruining this country. The problems in Mexico is not my problem. I am having a hard enough time making ends meet thanks to having to compete with the illegals driving down the wages. Don't beleive me, go to a construction site and ask any white construction worker what they have to bid on a job to get that job, and be told that if they can't work for that wage the contrator can easily get mexicans to do it for less. I could give a rats a@@ about what is happening in Mexico. If people like you continue giving everything to the illegals, our country will soon be in as bad of shape if not worse. Think about it, it's like the hole in the dike, you can only stop it for so long before the hole erodes away and causes the whole dike to collapse. Do you honestly think any other country would give us a break if we were in the same situation??? Hello, Happy, you better wake up!!!!! The rest of the world would love to see the United States self destruct and bleeding hearts like you will be the fuse to start it!!!!! Do you honestly think that there are no US citizens in this country starving, have no home, no health insurance because they can't afford it???? You need to wake up and start looking with your eyes wide open, you don't have to go far to see that there are US citizens in need of help and for every dollar that goes to an illegal, just remeber it is taking that dollar away from a US citizen!!!!!!!


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