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Das did it, why cant others????

I totally agree that being an illegal defintely has its perks. What is wrong with our country? I still find it hard to believe that illegals can now go to any community college in north carolina. Mandatory law that they have to be accepted. Who is paying for this? Working americans, thats who!!!!! OK, they want to learn, then do it the legal way, become a legal citizen and pay taxes. Go thru the same thing that Das did to become a LEGAL immagrant. I also agree that the companies hiring all the illegals should spend some time in jail. People sit and complain about it all but they will hire them because they will work for nothing. Maybe if our country was in a little better shape then our youth would want to work. Right now they have to "work for free" just about so they can get the job before an illegal would get it. Im probably over stepping bounderies here but Im going to say it anyway. I think the blame lies on President Bush. If he would step up, do something to help his country, instead of worrying about other counties then America would be in a lot better shape than what it is now. I could go on for hours.....


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