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Immigration issues run really deep in my family. My Dad, Mom, sister and myself became citizens in 1974. My husband and his Dad and brother became citizens in 1968. My family is from England his is from Germany. My husbands family spoke little or no English when they came here, they were put in our schools and made to learn English. There were no special classes provided for them, they learned the language, period. My Dad had to leave my Mom and sis and I back in England for 6 months when he came here. He had to PROVE that he could support us without government help. He had to have employment and a home before we could come over and join him. My husbands father married an American woman after their real Mom died in Germany and she had to go through the channels to let them all come here. WE all did it legally so I have a MAJOR problem with illegals scurrying under/over the borders like rats and living under the radar like Gee....criminals ??? The illegals have been here a long time (before BUSH) I suppose they have just gotten to be in such huge numbers that we notice them more and the drain they put on our system. EITHER way Bush is soft on them. Meanwhile he has no problem sending OUR American kids to get killed in the sandpit's of Iraq trying to sort out thousands of years of religious crap the camel jockeys fight about. Hell, if the Mexicans want to be here slap a uniform on them and let THEM all go overseas and fight the nuts.


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