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Excuse me! Im a LEGAL

Excuse me! Im a LEGAL immigrant and i know how hard it is to get a citizenship! i know what im talkin bout cuz i been through all that hardship and after much i got my citizenship! so yea dont put your opinion where it dont belong buddy! thanks! And im not saying i want all them immigrants to come here! if they did this might as well be mexico!! what im sayin to theses other people is that the people who have been here long enough and have been following the law should be able to stay. Ok so theres more immigrants pouring in every day. Sure re-enforce your wall, partol more, do wahtever. I didnt say it was ok for them to come here. Im just tellin you the reason they do. im just saying they are trying to survive. Yall are the ones not understanding me. And theres all these other people being racist here. Why all the racism? Why cant those who follow the law and been here long enough, why cant they stay? Why must they all go back? I highly doubt that this country would survive withouth them or atleast would be in very very bad shape. And there is no way to send them all back anyway.. this is completely pointless.. its not like anyone important reads this and its not like any of our opinions count so why argue.. I know what i feel and you know what you feel so im by no means trying to change that. I see it in the eyes of those who have been through it and you see it in the eyes of those who want to protect their country and i respect that. But i already said what i felt and what i know so yea..


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