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are you sure?

Are you sure that you fully understand the topic of what originated here? Techanically if you are born here then you are a citizan, no questions asked. most of the Illegals that are here come alone just to have their children here. once they have thier children here in the us, then they can be deported, not think about if 10,000 children were born here of illegal decendant 20 years ago. then these are the so called illegals that are being hired now, they are not illegal and because they have lived in poverty the same as any lower class white american has he or she is willing to work for less. i am an american born and raised here. there is no question to my legality, but as ive been a teacher ive seen children grow up with nothing not even parents, and they are legal. most quit school because they have to get a job at 16. they pay taxes and still are treated, like shit. they are working hard for what they have and are paying the price to have the freedom that you so much enjoy. you cannot blame all hispanics who are taking your jobs for being illegal. baybe if you got off your lazy ass and away from your computer and worked an 40 hour week or more then you wouldnt have to complaine so much about someone else with more heart, and more work ethic taking your job, which wasnt yours to begin with. techanically some of you make a good point but i want you to be sure that when you say illegals that you are not including the hispanic americans who are born here and follow every rule that we do. to every 2 illegals there are at least 10 that are legal. because they were born here.


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