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Oh please stop!!!

PLEASE!!!! Stop beating this horse... it is dead!!!! I can't believe my eyes! I AM 40 and I agree with the 17 yr old. For Pete sake, where is the love of your fellow human? Or do you morons think because they are illegal they are not human or even our equals. In the eyes of God we are brothers, weather you like it or not. God does not care what your nationality, he rewards compassion and kindness. They are illegal, SO WHAT, at least they work, and don't give me that crap about them taking “our” jobs, if you were going to work one, you would already have one and they can't take it if your doing it right. Blame the company executives who want thicker pockets and sent jobs south. I for one am sick of hearing all the pissin and moanin about what they are taking away from "US". We have taken way more from them how would like your dignity and freedom taken and questioned just because your chose to try to make a better life for your family. Any of you who have ever traveled to their country will know that you are treated with dignity and respect no matter where you go. Be compassionate and kind not judgmental or cruel and what if they are not "legal" citizens, they are still citizens. Citizens of this country and the majority of them follow the laws of the land. Please don't say if they can't follow the one law to get here how can they follow any other law, well to this I say, if you even got a speeding ticket, a parking ticket or forgot to pay for something, how can YOU follow the laws? You broke one already? Please do not forget that they may be illegal but they ARE human and deserve kindness. Let us also please remember that even though "Julio" and "Consuela" are illegal, most of their children are born here which makes them entitled to every right afforded to you and your children! So live with it, as a matter of fact, with “Julio” and “Consuela” being illegal, they can’t file a tax return and get back any of the money they pay out in Social security and Fed and state taxes. So… who is really paying for the welfare system to stay afloat? Try walking in someone else’s shoes before you start yelling about what “They” are doing. It make sense to me to take away a way of them obtaining legal drivers licenses, they will still drive they still need to get to work and school and doctor appointments and grocery stores and unfortunately it will end up most likely driving without a license and insurance, who will end up paying for that? I’ve got 10watt light bulbs brighter than the leaders and law makers of this state and country. GOD HELP US ALL!!!


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