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I didnt read everyones comments, but this is what i got from the majority, and i know this is off topic but we this stype of thinking we are not getting anywhere. Wow! Its nothing personal, but i read over half the stuff people were saying, and all of you are too simple minded. How do you make an arguement with out looking at the possible cause & effects, all the possible negative and possitive effects. All i hear is people talking about colleges, money, tax, and stating your different points of view without considering anything else. It can easily be seen that no one has done any research, yet you argue like you know what you are talking about, like your idea is valid. I only saw abuot 3 people that were open minded. The rest were completely for or against IAs, making their statements completely week. I dont know about the yall, but it sounds to me like we are still in the same state of mind as in the past with african-american slaves, the "send them back to africa" type of thing. I mean, its pretty much the same thing, but with IAs. They are here, and they wont leave, and no one has comed up with any alternate possible solution other than "Build a gieant wall, and shoot them." Always talking abuot America and its freedom, desciminating illigal immigrants, and not coming up with anything possitive for them and for us. we are still in this simple mind set. True or not?


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