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I am one US citizen who agrees with you!

Not all people born and raised here are the same. I am one who feels like no matter where you were born that you should still be able to drive a vehicle and obtain a license the same way I did. If a person can pass the test, they should be able to drive. Hello, aren't courtrooms overcrouded enough by people who do actual crimes. The only reason so many people get in trouble for driving without a license is because our country makes it so difficult for a person to get one without first being a citizen. Obtaining citizenship has become much harder in the last few years. If they want to drive, let them. I mean, not so long ago women were not allowed to drive and some other races were discriminated against. Our country thinks it has come so far, but people still are showing discrimination towards Mexican people. What have they done to us, except work hard to make our country better? How dare us discriminate against another culture! They are NOT the ones who are terrorists! So, give them a break. Thank you very much, and I don't care if someone gets mad with me. This is how I feel.


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