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The staff should have been

The staff should have been watching the dog more carefully. The vets hold a very care free mentality when its comes to providing "care" to dogs. Due to puppy mills these vets offices are FLOODED with work. Naturally the quality of care is diminished as well.I have witnessed this on several occasions with my dog. Theyre are not focused on the well being of the dog they are just focused on running up the bill on you. After all whats better? A vets office that pulls in 2M a month or one that puts 10M. Of course there are exceptions and many great vets out there. I would suggest carefully looking for one before just going to any place.

If you see that the vet is rushing just like if your doctor was rushing you, you just get out of there. A good vet will explain everything to you and will approach your dog in a dog friendly manner!

Always go to see where your dog is going to stay. If the staff refuses to show you where your baby is going to be put just get out of there.
Alot of those rooms are dirty and full of germs. If it is filthy in that room they probably wont even let you inside.

You dont want your dog catching some disease!
It is very easy for dogs to get mistreated and for the owner to not know about it. Dogs cant speak so we must speak for them!


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